ACH Origination

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a program that allows a business the ability to electronically withdraw money from an account or deposit money into an account with the written authorization of the account owner.

The deposit and withdrawal amounts can be a constant (fixed) amount or an amount that can fluctuate.

How can an ACH program benefit your business?

  • Collect customer payments in a more timely manner
  • Saves the processing cost of return checks from your customers
  • Saves the cost of placing stop payments on your business checks that may be lost or stolen
  • Saves the cost of printing, administering, and distributing payroll and/or invoice checks

 How will your customers or employees benefit from an ACH program?

  • Saves the employees the time spent traveling to the bank to deposit their payroll check
  • Reduces customer’s time spent paying your invoice when writing a check
  • Reduces customer’s postage costs for mailing their payment

FNBT.COM  BANK is committed to offering our Commercial clients the latest in technology. Our ACH Origination is an affordable, automated program, which is supported by a highly skilled staff.  Please call (850) 796-2000 ext. 2366  to learn more or

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