Free ATM Placement

Have you ever lost a sale because a customer didn't have cash?

Do you think you could sell more merchandise or get a higher per ticket charge if your customers had access to instant cash?

If you answered YES to either of these questions, you should say YES to an ATM from FNBT.COM Bank 

FNBT.COM Bank has provided full service ATM placements to merchants and events since 2000. We are locally owned, which allows us to provide fast, efficient customer service even after regular business hours and on weekends and holidays.  There are no hidden charges, your transactions are processed via a community bank, and you have the opportunity to increase your revenue with Revenue Sharing.

FNBT.COM Provides:

  • ATM and Associated Software
  • Communication 
  • Installation
  • Local Customer Support
  • Maintaining of Required Cash Levels
  • Signage Advertising your ATM
  • ATM Repairs and Maintenance

Your Business Provides:

  • A High Visibility Location
  • A 110-Volt Power Outlet
  • Visible Signage, Unblocked by other Signs or Items


For More Information:

Call 850-420-0615 or 850-796-2190

Email at