Home Deposit

 Home Deposit made Easy!

Make your bank deposit fast and easy in minutes from the comfort of your home or office using your computer and scanner – and it’s FREE! 

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1.   Scan your check and deposit slip

2.   E-mail your scanned items using the link provided on our webpage

3.   Bank will credit your deposit and send you a confirmation number for your records

For more specific instructions E-mail HomeDeposit@fnbt.com or BusinessDeposit@fnbt.com 

To make a deposit from your home or office, you will need the following:

  • PC
  • Scanner
  • High – Speed Internet Connection
  • E-mail capability
  • Bank account with FNBT.COM BANK

 Follow these simple steps:

    1. Complete your deposit slip

    2.  Endorse each check

    3.  Scan each item separately and in its original size.  The front and back of each item must be scanned and presented separately.  The items must be saved and presented in a TIFF or JPEG format.  No file should be larger than 3 or 4 MB.

     4.  Go to FNBT.COM and select the button on the lower left side of the screen "Submit Home Deposit" and attach your scanned items into an encrypted email. Click Submit

Please hold check(s) for 10 days before voiding.  Simply write, “void” on the check.  Print the Deposit Confirmation or Save to your PC.

All E-mail Deposits are subject to verification, authenticity, and FNBT.COM BANK funds availability policy.   E-mail Deposit cut-off hour is 4:00 CST, Monday through Friday.  E-mail Deposits initiated after 4:00 CST will be posted the following business day. Any deposits submitted in a format other than the one listed above will be rejected effective 10/1/2013.  If you fail to receive a Deposit Confirmation within 24 hours of submitting your E-mail Deposit on Monday through Friday, please contact the bank at 850.796.2000 or the above e-mail addresses.