Accessing your Credit Cards Online

New Credit Card Information*

Starting Friday July 20th, 2018 how to access your
FNBT Credit Card Information online

  • You will use the same Online Banking ID you use for your checking account information
  • From the margin on the left, click Online Banking
  • You will be prompted for your current Online Banking ID and then your password
  • After you have been authenticated, you will have a tab near the top of the page labeled Credit Cards
  • Click the Credit Cards tab and you will be presented with your Credit Card Information

Note: To access Online Credit Cards on an Apple iPhone or iPad, allow Pop-ups must be turned on. To alllow Pop-ups goto Settings, Safari and turn off Block Pop-ups, then when you tap "Credit Card, you will be will be prompted with, This site is attempting to open a pop-up window, your options will be Block or Allow, tap Allow.

If you are not a current FNBT Bank Online User please click to Enroll Now

If you have not previously activated your new FNBT Bank Credit Card
ACTIVATE your new card online by clicking Activate New Credit Card
or by calling (850)796-2122 and following the prompts

If you have questions or need assistance please email us at or call us at (850)796-2000